the final stretch!


Next Friday is the official weigh-in day for our Biggest Loser Challenge! Participation has slacked off slightly over the course of these 8 weeks, but I know most of you have made changes (no matter how slight) towards a better lifestyle! I’m excited to see the results and award four lucky cash winners. ūüôā


Our total weight loss is 124.8 lbs for the past seven weeks.¬†That’s something to be proud of!¬†$124.80 is the minimum¬†dollar amount to be awarded to a Pelion charity as a result of our efforts, and that number will only get larger¬†depending on our efforts for the next six days!

Stay tuned, and really kick it in gear for the last week of the challenge!

As always, thank you all for your participation and effort!




you control your well-being.

‚ÄúExercise isn‚Äôt just about physical health and appearance. It also has a profound effect on your brain chemistry, physiology, and neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to literally rewire itself). It affects not only your ability to think, create, and solve, but your mood and ability to lean into uncertainty, risk, judgment, and anxiety in a substantial, measurable way‚Ķ”

The same goes for what you eat. We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” but we rarely consider just how true that is. Our bodies are constantly using what we feed it for fuel. When we indulge in sugary, fried, or fatty foods the excess of those foods (the content our bodies don’t need for energy at the moment) is converted and stored- as things like fat and cholesterol.

On the other hand, when you’re eating meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains- foods high in protein, vitamins, and fiber- your body is¬†infinitely¬†better able to use the content of those foods to your advantage. Protein promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue; the right vitamins can increase your mood, energy, and overall feelings of well-being; and fiber promotes digestive health (which can help you maintain a healthy weight!).

There are countless advantages to eating right and exercising. If the idea of fitting into a specific number on a pair of jeans has become jaded to you, think in terms of your own longevity. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle extend well beyond looking good. So go ahead, indulge in foods that do your body justice, and then resolve to attend your 102nd birthday party.


For information on the link between exercise and your emotions, READ THIS!

Then, thank Alex Peake for submitting it for the blog!

halfway there (in more ways than one!)

We must all be having a rough week-

I only had a few takers¬†come to weigh in this morning. ūüėČ


Worry not, however, because I do have good news: our total combined weight loss has reached over 100 lbs! We’re boasting an amazing 108.2 lbs. over the past four weeks. Looks like we are well on our way to the $200¬†goal for Rawl to give to the Pelion community! Congratulations, and great job to everyone!


And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

The Top Two Men & Women

 (as of Week Four)


For the Guys:

1) Thomas Steele

2) Jonathan Aquino


For the Ladies:

1) Debbie Wilkerson

2) Maryann Rice


Congrats to you all, but watch out! There are lots of people on your heels, so this isn’t the time to give up or drop out. We’re halfway through and if you haven’t done as well as you’d liked, this is the perfect moment to recalibrate and¬†give yourself a second shot at the cash!

Remember, there is $100 each for the top man and woman, then a $20 prize for the second place man & woman.






habit shifts for the long-haul.

trying to make changes gradually? here are a few tips from that can help you get skinny & stay skinny. ūüôā

1. eat an early dinner: stop eating three hours before bedtime so your body is better able to burn fat instead of storing more.

2. don’t avoid the scale: while it’s pointless to weigh yourself multiple times a day, or even every day (due to fluid fluctuations) its best to face the music at least once a week to keep yourself in check.

3. start a lunch tradition: think about it: if you pick a healthy lunch (say soup and salad) and eat it every day, you won’t be faced with a choice each day and you’ll be less likely to over-consume.

4. reward yourself every day: allow yourself a reward (of about 200 calories) at the end of each day if you earn it. you’ll be more inclined to eat well throughout the day and less inclined to binge later if you’ve been rewarding yourself all along.

5. read diet & exercise tips: exposing yourself to nutrition and work-out advice can help you make more knowledgable decisions about your health routines.

6. eat breakfast: seriously, this golden rule is valid! for optimal weight-loss results, choose a high protein/fiber breakfast like eggs with fruit and whole-wheat toast

7. snack often: snacks (high protein ones in particular) promote weight loss. grab a handful of nuts for fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

8. skip the sides: in the restaurant setting, choose the a la carte items and a non-fried side dish to save calories and cash.

9. spice it up: a chemical compound in chili peppers act as an appetite suppressant, and even boost metabolism!

10. sleep well: 6 to 8 hours a night will help keep your appetite from being out of control and strengthen your willpower.

11. keep your fridge stocked: with washed, cut, and portioned fruits and vegetables- as easy to grab as a bag of chips or pre-packaged snack cake, but easier on your waist line.

12. think protein: eating protein increases lean muscle mass, keeps the metabolism in high gear, and keep you fuller. what’s not to love? go for fish, eggs, lean meats, &¬†low-fat dairy!

too good not to share!

Your vegetables will thank you.


Mix a 16 oz. tub of sour cream with a packet of Ranch dip seasoning, and you have a delicious low calorie, low carb (high calcium!) compliment to veggies, salads, and baked chips.

2 tablespoons have only 60 calories, 2g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, and a gram of protein!

Week Three Results!

Top Three Losers as of this Week:

1. Debbie Wilkerson– 6.04%

2. TIE! Amy Terry and Maryann Riceboth at 2.53%

3. Farie Gerstner– 2.49%

Good Job Ladies!


Our total weight loss to date for everyone is 70.6 lbs!

That’s $70.60 Rawl will contribute to the Pelion community. We still have FIVE weeks left, so everyone still has a shot at the money and the chance to contribute to our $200 goal.

Good Luck and Happy Friday!


If you still want to weigh in today,

come see me (Kayla) in the Sales Office.


Having trouble staying (or getting) motivated?

There are lots of reasons to get fully involved in this challenge. There’s the cash prize, the donation Rawl plans to give to a community charity based on how well we do as a group, and you’ll feel great for the Holidays, but let’s face it- it’s easier to eat what you want, when you want. I’ve definitely been struggling over the past few days, but I found a great article that addresses the psychological side of dieting. Half the battle is fought in your head, so here¬†is my take on¬†a few steps to get your mind right & get into this for good.

1. Define your Motivation– Why do you want to lose weight? Your reasoning should be completely for you and long term. If you’re looking for a quick-fix or looking to completely revamp your eating habits, you may struggle.

2. Choose a Reasonable Goal– Base your goals on health, not appearance. Think feel better, not look better and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy perspective on diets.

3. Don’t Deprive Yourself– If you want a bag of chips, have a bag of chips. For the most part, focus on getting protein and fresh produce into each meal so that your eating practices overall shift. You will always be able to¬†justify a¬†splurge or an excuse to cheat; denying yourself a (moderate) break will only lead to overindulgence later. So go ahead, have a spoonful of icing, but maybe skip the cake. ūüôā

4. Create an Exercise Alter-Ego– DO view exercise in a positive light. When working out becomes a “should do” activity, it is only a matter of time before you begin dragging your feet. Instead, describe yourself as “a runner” or “yoga-enthusiast.” Make exercise¬†an integral¬†part of you. View it as your way to de-stress, and in the meantime,¬†enjoy the inevitable¬†release of feel-good endorphins.

5. Be Good to Yourself– Dieting works best when you’re in it for the long haul. To avoid the cyclical monster of yo-yo dieting, take baby steps. Make your changes manageable and permanent. “Dieting” doesn’t have to be in your vocabulary if you attempt to make smart choices every day and keep your body moving. Your heart, brain, muscles, bones, tendons, skin…. will thank you.

Remember: Week-Three weigh-in is this Friday morning 9:00-9:30 a.m. upstairs!

I’ll give updates on the top three losers and update the dollar amount of what Rawl will be giving to a Pelion community charity shorty after everyone weighs in. Stay tuned, and stay positive.

week one results (& a new competition component)

Congratulations to everyone on a successful first week! Of the 14 people who have weighed in today, we have lost a total of 38.5 lbs. There are still 10 people who can weigh in before the end of the day today to boost our numbers even further! (Come see me!) So far, it looks like everyone’s strategies are effective, and that’s half the battle. ¬†

Week One Top Three:

1. Debbie Wilkerson 3.85% total body weight loss

2. Jennifer Osment 1.89% total body weight loss

3. Maryann Rice 1.88% total body weight loss

There are probably seven people within a tenth of a percentage point¬†of our top three, so this is still anyone’s game. ūüėČ


And another exciting announcement….

Walter P. Rawl will MATCH one dollar PER POUND LOST over the course of the eight weeks to be donated to a Pelion community charity. In the past, The Biggest Loser Challenge has contributed to the Pelion Women’s Club Christmas Tree for underpriveleged families. We can go that route again, or look at other options such as the nursing home or a local food bank.¬†In the meantime, this week’s total weight loss of 38.5 lbs. has earned some deserving charity $38.50. Let’s keep it up and shoot for $200 by the end of the competition!


And on a last note…

Good luck over the weekend!

Stay STRONG! ūüôā

What will you gain when you lose?

I’m sure that caught your attention.

It’s time to announce the prizes that will be awarded to the winners at the end of our eight week adventure! This year there will be prizes for the top TWO male and female losers!

¬†Here’s the break down:

1st Place Gentleman: $100 prize

1st Place Lady: $100 prize

2nd Place Guy: $20 prize

2nd Place Gal: $20 prize

Remember, we’re going to be calculating your percentages of weight loss. Obviously, everyone wants to take the Benjamins home, so shoot for the stars! If you miss, you’ll land among a pair of Hamiltons. ūüôā



While we’re here…

Five Essentials for Healthy Snacking:

1. Fruits and Vegetables (Vitamins, & minerals, & energy, oh my!)

2.Sugar Free Dark Chocolate (That’s right, dark chocolate can decrease blood pressure in overweight adults)

3. Whole Grains (If you love carbs– and who doesn’t– this is the way to go for¬†energy)

4. Low-fat yogurt (Maintain bone mass while shedding belly fat. How convenient!)

5. Nuts (These rich snacks help slim your waistline and reduce body fat)


Food for Thought:


(Here’s my source if you want more)