Welcome, everyone!

This is a space for everyone participating in the September 23-November 18, 2011 Biggest Loser Challenge at Walter P. Rawl. Here you will find delicious recipes, new work-out tips, and lots of motivation to help get you through the next eight weeks successfully! Feel free to add your own comments, questions, ideas, and concerns to the posts (just click “Reply” at the bottom of each post or the handy dialogue bubble up there by the title of this post– and use your work email address so we know who is posting what!). Losing weight is definitely a challenge, but we can create a community here that will encourage and inspire everyone.

Don’t forget- there is money on the line! We currently have 24 (brave, strong, incredible!)participants from several departments, and there’s a cool $240 up for grabs. More information to come soon on the number of prizes to be given away and those amounts!

This blog will be updated every other day, so stay tuned! I’ll do all the research and compile the best information here so you’ll have easy access to great information to help you along your way. Keep your goals (& hey, why not the money?) in mind and look at this as a chance to make positive changes in your life.

Get serious, get excited, and get started! 🙂

Only 56 days to go, after all!