I’m sure that caught your attention.

It’s time to announce the prizes that will be awarded to the winners at the end of our eight week adventure! This year there will be prizes for the top TWO male and female losers!

 Here’s the break down:

1st Place Gentleman: $100 prize

1st Place Lady: $100 prize

2nd Place Guy: $20 prize

2nd Place Gal: $20 prize

Remember, we’re going to be calculating your percentages of weight loss. Obviously, everyone wants to take the Benjamins home, so shoot for the stars! If you miss, you’ll land among a pair of Hamiltons. 🙂



While we’re here…

Five Essentials for Healthy Snacking:

1. Fruits and Vegetables (Vitamins, & minerals, & energy, oh my!)

2.Sugar Free Dark Chocolate (That’s right, dark chocolate can decrease blood pressure in overweight adults)

3. Whole Grains (If you love carbs– and who doesn’t– this is the way to go for energy)

4. Low-fat yogurt (Maintain bone mass while shedding belly fat. How convenient!)

5. Nuts (These rich snacks help slim your waistline and reduce body fat)


Food for Thought:


(Here’s my source if you want more)