Congratulations to everyone on a successful first week! Of the 14 people who have weighed in today, we have lost a total of 38.5 lbs. There are still 10 people who can weigh in before the end of the day today to boost our numbers even further! (Come see me!) So far, it looks like everyone’s strategies are effective, and that’s half the battle.  

Week One Top Three:

1. Debbie Wilkerson 3.85% total body weight loss

2. Jennifer Osment 1.89% total body weight loss

3. Maryann Rice 1.88% total body weight loss

There are probably seven people within a tenth of a percentage point of our top three, so this is still anyone’s game. 😉


And another exciting announcement….

Walter P. Rawl will MATCH one dollar PER POUND LOST over the course of the eight weeks to be donated to a Pelion community charity. In the past, The Biggest Loser Challenge has contributed to the Pelion Women’s Club Christmas Tree for underpriveleged families. We can go that route again, or look at other options such as the nursing home or a local food bank. In the meantime, this week’s total weight loss of 38.5 lbs. has earned some deserving charity $38.50. Let’s keep it up and shoot for $200 by the end of the competition!


And on a last note…

Good luck over the weekend!

Stay STRONG! 🙂