trying to make changes gradually? here are a few tips from that can help you get skinny & stay skinny. 🙂

1. eat an early dinner: stop eating three hours before bedtime so your body is better able to burn fat instead of storing more.

2. don’t avoid the scale: while it’s pointless to weigh yourself multiple times a day, or even every day (due to fluid fluctuations) its best to face the music at least once a week to keep yourself in check.

3. start a lunch tradition: think about it: if you pick a healthy lunch (say soup and salad) and eat it every day, you won’t be faced with a choice each day and you’ll be less likely to over-consume.

4. reward yourself every day: allow yourself a reward (of about 200 calories) at the end of each day if you earn it. you’ll be more inclined to eat well throughout the day and less inclined to binge later if you’ve been rewarding yourself all along.

5. read diet & exercise tips: exposing yourself to nutrition and work-out advice can help you make more knowledgable decisions about your health routines.

6. eat breakfast: seriously, this golden rule is valid! for optimal weight-loss results, choose a high protein/fiber breakfast like eggs with fruit and whole-wheat toast

7. snack often: snacks (high protein ones in particular) promote weight loss. grab a handful of nuts for fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

8. skip the sides: in the restaurant setting, choose the a la carte items and a non-fried side dish to save calories and cash.

9. spice it up: a chemical compound in chili peppers act as an appetite suppressant, and even boost metabolism!

10. sleep well: 6 to 8 hours a night will help keep your appetite from being out of control and strengthen your willpower.

11. keep your fridge stocked: with washed, cut, and portioned fruits and vegetables- as easy to grab as a bag of chips or pre-packaged snack cake, but easier on your waist line.

12. think protein: eating protein increases lean muscle mass, keeps the metabolism in high gear, and keep you fuller. what’s not to love? go for fish, eggs, lean meats, & low-fat dairy!