We must all be having a rough week-

I only had a few takers come to weigh in this morning. 😉


Worry not, however, because I do have good news: our total combined weight loss has reached over 100 lbs! We’re boasting an amazing 108.2 lbs. over the past four weeks. Looks like we are well on our way to the $200 goal for Rawl to give to the Pelion community! Congratulations, and great job to everyone!


And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

The Top Two Men & Women

 (as of Week Four)


For the Guys:

1) Thomas Steele

2) Jonathan Aquino


For the Ladies:

1) Debbie Wilkerson

2) Maryann Rice


Congrats to you all, but watch out! There are lots of people on your heels, so this isn’t the time to give up or drop out. We’re halfway through and if you haven’t done as well as you’d liked, this is the perfect moment to recalibrate and give yourself a second shot at the cash!

Remember, there is $100 each for the top man and woman, then a $20 prize for the second place man & woman.